When Wine Glasses are Just Wine Glasses

I first saw Kate and Steve a couple of years ago. Steve had a number of indiscretions that Kate was tired of. She was hoping they could work through their previous betrayals because otherwise, they really enjoyed being with each other. Kate discovered a text in which Steve expressed attraction toward another woman. That was enough for Kate and they separated.

After years of separation, Kate was willing to give it one last chance. Steve always wanted to stay married and Kate was hoping to trust that Steve had finally changed his ways.

Kate went to Steve’s house and saw a couple of wine glasses. She also noticed that two lounge chairs were pushed next to each other. Despite being monogamous with each other again, she assumed Steve was enjoying the company of another woman.

Steve shared that he drank wine with family friends the other night and he put the lounge chairs together for Kate’s visit. Since Steve’s explanation was viable, she said she looked forward to the day “when wine glasses are just wine glasses.”