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A number of therapists do marriage counseling, while very few are trained in it, and even fewer primarily see couples in their practice. Throughout three decades of practice, Relationship Resources has provided research driven, specialized care for couples.

Our counseling methods are based on training with Dr. John Gottman, the top marriage counselor and researcher in the country. Dr. Rein has shared these methods with thousands of couples and taught to many other couples’ therapists.

Counseling Approach

Relationship Resources’ counseling approach is based on the science of communication. We work with you to identify repetitive patterns and detect intricate subtleties that create communication setbacks and unresolved problems in marriages and relationships.

Our method is what differentiates us from other therapists and has been very successful in improving and saving troubled relationships.

  • Successful Communication Techniques

    From the start, couples receive a manual written by Dr. Rein that summarizes research on how successful couples communicate.

  • Feedback and Guidance

    Together we change how you communicate in sessions, receiving lots of feedback and guidance.

  • Restore and Rebuild

    If your previous conversations escalated or even stopped occurring, new ways of communicating will restore friendship and rebuild emotional connection.

The Model for Understanding Relationships

The Relationship Pyramid is a model we use for understanding relationships. The foundation of the pyramid and of any relationship is about needs.

The needs in a relationship are emotional intimacy and self-esteem. Couples need to feel emotionally close to their partners and to feel good about themselves in their relationships. From those needs stem patterns, perceptions, affect, and ultimately the language used towards your spouse or partner.

Relationship Resources utilizes the pyramid and focuses on positives and the future. We believe that if couples communicate with each other by applying the skills taught throughout their counseling sessions, they have the potential to not only survive but to thrive as a couple.

About Dr. Richard Rein

Dr. Richard Rein, Ph.D. is the founder of Relationship Resources and co-founder of the Center for Integrative Counseling and Wellness. He is a licensed psychologist, certified Gottman method couples therapist, and marriage counseling expert.

Dr. Rein has published the book, The Divorce Prevention Handbook: A Practical Guide for Saving Marriages, which guides you in developing the skills necessary to communicate with your partner in positive, more productive ways.

Dr. Rein has specialized training in coaching executives in the workplace. He has post-graduate certificates in Organizational Consulting Psychology and Professional Executive Coaching. He is skilled at making good communicators great communicators, and great communicators master communicators.

Recent Blog Posts

Each day my life is enriched by listening to and guiding couples as they bring their raw experiences to sessions and we try to make sense of difficult times. Through these blog posts, I hope to give readers a snapshot of our work including examples of the real issues that people bring, and how we can find meaning and a path out together. Their identities will be protected, but each experience is real. Because relationships are complex, my role is to help couples share their experiences while providing a conceptual road map to understand their experiences, finding a way out of the woods of painful experiences. The blog will share stories and concepts; I hope it provides hope, insight and richness to each reader’s own journey.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Relationship Resources
We are very thankful that we found Dr. Rein--for us, our marriage, our children and our family. His neutral and genuine approach is very effective with us in our counseling sessions. He has taught us to see things and approach things differently, to communicate better, listen more and argue less, to own up to the difficult things that we bring as individuals to the relationship and to remember the positive traits that brought us together in the first place. We would highly recommend Dr. Rein.

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