Sharing Struggles

Kurt is struggling at work. His job is eventually being transferred overseas. To keep him in his job during the transition, he accepted an attractive severance package, but the condition of the offer was that he stay to the end. Since the offer, his leadership team left and an excessive amount of work is falling into his lap. The more stressed he gets, the more he withdraws.

Carrie is concerned about Kurt shutting down. He has a history of doing so, especially under stress. In our couples counseling session, Carrie describes how Kurt’s shutting down negatively impacts her.

The couple was barely struggling with conflict these days, but Carrie longed to be closer with her husband. However, Kurt felt guilty about sharing his work struggles, thinking he was burdening Carrie. He didn’t know that this was precisely what Carrie wanted to hear about. She treasured Kurt being vulnerable with her, leading her to feel closer to him.