Relationship Counseling

Learn how to heighten emotional intimacy and be effective in your relationship.

Relationship Counseling Overview

Dr. Rein’s advanced, professionally-proven techniques help individuals enhance their communication skills while training them to be effective in their actions, even if their partner refuses counseling.

Relationship counseling assists in an individual’s growth of being a good listener and being able to clearly articulate their emotions to help improve their relationships.

Relationship Coaching Process

Relationship Resources’ coaching process is based on the science of communication. During relationship counseling, we will focus on the detection of repetitive patterns that create communication setbacks and unresolved problems.

As you work with Dr. Rein he’ll identify those emotional moments that heighten anger and conflict. A major focus is the detection of intricate subtleties that create communication setbacks.

Communication breakdown can occur in many ways. Dr. Rein will present feedback and provide direction toward the most effective way of communicating in any situation. His guidance encourages respectful and mutually compassionate interactions, and helps eliminate misunderstandings that cause conflict.

Relationship Counseling Goals

We provide relationship counseling for individuals seeking to:

Further develop an early-stage relationship

Enhance a relationship with a partner who is unwilling to attend sessions

Decide whether or not to stay in a relationship

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