Kathleen was unhappy in her relationship. She met Rob in her mid-twenties and they were now married with young children. She talked to the other moms in the neighborhood who shared being unhappy as well. Kathleen was resigned to a married life of dullness and boredom.

Then she met Scott at work. She became alive again when they talked. Her vibrancy began to return. She pursued a relationship with Scott until Rob discovered it. Despite this, she didn’t want to end the affair fearing that would mean an inevitable return to her unhappy state.

Since Kathleen didn’t talk about it, Rob had no idea she was so unhappy. Kathleen said she didn’t realize how unhappy she was either until she met Scott. Despite the situation, Rob wanted a chance to revive his marriage. Kathleen was leaning toward leaving her marriage but was now intrigued by the possibility that working on her relationship with Rob could bring change she thought was only possible by leaving. It didn’t occur to Kathleen that her marriage could improve by talking about it. Now she was at least willing to explore in marriage counseling what might be possible within the marriage. It was a start.