I’d Rather be Happy than Right

“I’d rather be happy than right” is a quote from a husband of one of my couples. Being happy in a relationship beats winning.

He’s addressing the issue of dogmatism in relationships. Dogmatism is about being right, whether it’s about a fact, perception, or memory. Regarding facts, there are contradictory facts in the world. It’s okay to give information about facts, but problematic if one insists that his or her fact is correct. This is winning at a cost.

Perceptions and memories are less likely to be correct. Perception is how an individual experiences the world and people are going to have different perceptions. Sharing differing perceptions can bring vibrancy to a relationship.

People are also going to remember events differently. It’s fine to share a differing memory, but problematic when one insists that his or memory is correct.

By expressing oneself, rather than insisting on being right, one is more likely to win in their relationship.