Honeymoon Blues

Jen shared a story in couples counseling. When she and Jay were on their honeymoon, Jay talked to another woman for over an hour. Jen says she is still shut down by the incident despite being married five years.

Jay didn’t realize it was an issue. He thought he was reading the room correctly and didn’t think Jen had an issue with it. At the time, he was enjoying the conversation and didn’t mean to be disrespectful to Jen.

Jen had a different reaction. She expected a certain level of attention on her honeymoon, and thought the conversation with the other woman went on too long. She was still bothered by the incident to this day.

Jen had shared this incident in a way that Jay hadn’t heard before. He acknowledged to Jen that the length of the conversation, especially on their honeymoon, would be too emotionally intimate for Jen.

Jay thought he was just being friendly but now acknowledged that Jen was insulted. This unfinished incident now had a chance to be healed.