Code 2, Aisle 2

In my first session with couples, I love to hear the answer to the questions of how they met and what attracted them. Typically couples meet online, at work, through friends and occasionally at a bar, but Mike and Caroline’s story had an interesting twist.

Mike was the manager of a big box store. The agreement with his workers was that if a pretty girl came into the store, someone would go on the loud speaker and say Code 2 and announce the aisle. One day Mike heard Code 2, Aisle 2 and Mike made his way to aisle 2. There he saw Caroline for the first time and his jaw dropped. He found her to be beautiful, and because she returned regularly to the store for work, he found her personable, funny and just out right amazing. Mike eventually asked her out. Caroline enjoyed Mike’s outgoing style and felt special with him.

After two decades of marriage and raising kids, troubles and poor communication broke down their marriage. Mike could be mean and Caroline emotionally distanced herself. Mike wanted his best friend back; Mike wanted to fall back in love and as did Caroline.

Their powerful love story—the story of how they met and fell in love—was auspicious. They had come upon difficult times but their initial attraction and appeal, combined with the right help, would likely give them the determination and direction to restore their relationship.