Calendar Meetings

Relationships are filled with negotiations. One of those negotiations is about time. In a recent couples counseling session, Gary and Victoria talked about how their previous weekend was frustrating. They didn’t coordinate their weekend, and not only felt disconnected, but aggravated when a partner was doing something that negatively impacted the other.

We used our current couples counseling session to plan the upcoming weekend. Gary needed to mow the lawn and Victoria wanted to go for a run. They figured out how to make it happen in a coordinated way. They also built in time for each other and family time.

Some couples refer to these meetings as calendar meetings. Couples look at their calendars to see what events are planned, e.g., kids’ sports, family commitments and where the open spaces are. Then they problem solve how to best meet their needs and the needs of the family.

Gary and Victoria felt like a team when they shaped their week and weekend. They decided Thursday nights would be the time to coordinate their calendars, and ultimately took more control of their time.