Best Ever

Jayme and Steve are in their early thirties and have been married several years. They met through mutual friends when in their mid-twenties. I could sense they were really fond of each other and respected one another, but they were struggling.

When they attempted to work through issues and differences, they ended up arguing and feeling frustrated. Two previous stints with couples counseling didn’t turn the dial.

When they expressed themselves, they often did it in an off-putting manner. They frequently didn’t fully listen to what their partner was saying. Conflicts with Jayme’s family were a featured theme.

Jayme and Steve worked diligently in our couples work, getting to a point where they could appropriately express and hear each other. When Steve said, “If Jayme is responding poorly, I make it a point to express myself differently,” I knew he was really getting it.

In our last session, Steve said, “This is the best we’ve ever been.” Even though they had wonderful adventures and travels in their early years, the quality of their relationship was the best ever.