The Wedding Hotel

Mark was making plans to be at his best friend’s wedding. It was a flight away and the hotel where the wedding was being held was expensive. Courtney talked about staying in a hotel 10 miles away but Mark wouldn’t consider it. He was the best man and wanted to support his close friend. Courtney didn’t want to spend the money and threatened not to go.

In our meeting, Mark talked about the importance of his friendship. They served together in the Marines and he wanted to support his friend who finally found love in his civilian life. He talked about his buddy with respect and heartfelt connection.

Courtney resented Mark’s friendship and shared her jealousy–the friend seemed to be getting what she yearned for. Mark shared that his deep love for Courtney wasn’t even close to his affection for his friend. Courtney had never quite heard it that way before.

With this unfolding clarity, Courtney decided she wanted to be at the wedding and support Mark, and agreed to stay at the wedding hotel. She was now clear who was Number One.