Lost and found

Amy and Julian were married for over three decades. They were quite disconnected and questioned whether to continue the marriage. The kids were adults now, starting their own families. Julian described the marriage as dormant.

Their love story of meeting was lovely. When Julian first met Amy, he knew she was going to be his wife. He even dreamed of her before ever meeting her. Amy felt like the luckiest person in the world.

They determined early that they were going to raise a large family. Amy was going to stay at home with the children and Julian was determined to turn his ambition into success, which he did. They got lost in their roles of stay-at-home mom and breadwinner. Now they were wondering what was left. 

They talked about their relationship in couples counseling, working through the issues and themes that were fueling their disconnect. Their initial goal was to make an informed decision about whether to continue or not. Now, in couples counseling, they are finding time to focus their attention on what they want within their relationship, ignored while they were busy with family life. It appears to be working as a catalyst for restoring their marriage and bringing them through to a new phase of married life.