Imposed Judgement

Eric was a good provider. He operated efficiently at work and expected the same in his household. This dynamic created strife at home with his wife Madeline.

Eric was irritated when the laundry wasn’t completed in a timely way. Yes, Madeline wasn’t as efficient with her household tasks while juggling work and kids. However, she felt judged when Eric talked about how she could do it differently.

Eric’s judgement was very upsetting to Madeline. She said, “Being with the kids will always be a higher priority.” She also said, “When the laundry gets done doesn’t impact you.” She would understand if he told her he was running out of socks or underwear and she didn’t get to it, but that wasn’t happening.

Judgement was an issue in their relationship for quite some time. Still,  Eric was beginning to hear Madeline’s new-found assertions that the kids were a higher priority and her timing wasn’t having a negative impact. It was fine that Eric had his ways and timing of doing things, but problematic when he imposed his method on Madeline.