Desperation to Joy

I’ve been meeting with Kirsten and Adam in couples counseling for a few months now. As they are progressing, Kirsten shared that they have moved from despising each other, to tolerating each other, and hopefully to enjoying each other again. They now go on occasional dates where they do enjoy each other’s company. 

I was struck by how a couple could deteriorate to the point of despising each other. I guess that’s what motivated them to enter marriage counseling. Tolerating each other would be progress, but would certainly fall short of the goal.

Enjoying each other again is a goal for many couples. Most couples initially enjoyed each others company. The demands of work, kids and poor communication can certainly get in the way. It’s certainly sad to hear when couples become miserable.

Fortunately there’s a way for couples to move forward. They can learn what they are doing poorly and how to interact more effectively and connectedly. Joy’s the goal.