But I Mowed the Lawn

Jake was on the West Coast between work meetings when Kristin called. She was panicked, thinking she was having a miscarriage. When he came home, despite not actually having a miscarriage, she expressed her disappointment in his reaction—not feeling adequately supported by Jake.

Jake said he felt terrible about not being there to support her when the miscarriage appeared to be happening. Kristin said she understood the dilemma, but when he returned home, she needed his emotional support. Jake’s response was “But I mowed the lawn.”

Kristin said she didn’t care about the lawn being mowed but needed his support, going through the miscarriage scare on her own. She said she needed a hug and for him to acknowledge how hard it must have been for her.

This is a classic example of a husband thinking he was being supportive by doing something, whereas the wife needed the emotional support of him just being there.