Better Versions

Drew is in his early forties, and Kristine is in her late thirties. Neither has been married before. They have been together for 2 years and are deciding the future of their relationship. When they get along, they really enjoy being with each other. But when they don’t, the relationship is filled with strife and disconnection.

Drew’s independent spirit wasn’t working for Kristine. She needed to trust that Drew was going to be there emotionally for her.

Drew talked about his mother dying at an early age, so he wasn’t nurtured. He learned to survive without expecting much emotionally. Drew wanted to be a better version of himself for Kristine.

Kristine could get quite angry when her needs weren’t being met. She was learning to express her needs without pointing out Drew’s deficiencies. 

Whether Drew and Kristine make it still isn’t clear. But they are determined to work on themselves—to be better versions of themselves.