After the first session, Dr. Rein emails a 40-page manual that reviews the research on how successful couples communicate with one other. Couples find the information extremely beneficial and often begin to make changes even before their first treatment session. Dr. Rein also sends a form that reviews the couples counseling process—how to prepare for the sessions and guidelines for practicing in between sessions.

In order to work through issues, it’s best for couples to talk directly to each other in the couples counseling. Since Dr. Rein is giving feedback about how to communicate most effectively, these discussions go very differently than they would at home.

Instead of escalating or disconnecting, couples begin to make progress on issues that previously divided them. Eventually the skills couples use in the couples counseling sessions become the skills they use at home.

One barrier they try to clear together is negativity, an emotion that is five times more powerful in a relationship than positivity. Working with Dr. Rein, couples decrease the negativity that prevents communication. In doing so they eventually enhance their friendship and focus on their emotional intimacy.